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    Alessi Fioretto knife sharpener
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Alessi - Fioretto knife sharpener

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Fioretto, flower knives!

A knife sharpener, but also a knife.... always surprising you!

"Ferire o fiorire" (harm or blossom) that is the question.
There is a very interesting dualism in this object. As in life, when everything is said and done, we can always choose to harm others and ourselves..... or to move on and blossom!

When you will use it to sharpen your knife, you will grab it like a sword.
As soon as you place it on the handle, it will show off the crown.
It is a tool that preps us for the creative task of cooking.

This knife sharpener is made of steel coated with diamond resin.
The handle is made of thermoplastic resin.

design LPWK

Height: 40cm
Width: 8.5 cm


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