Grand gourmet kitchen knives - WMF

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    WMF Chef's knife 29,5cm
  • $ 108.15 $ 104.90 

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WMF - Chef's knife 29,5cm

expected delivery 04 Jul - 08 Jul
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    WMF Chef's knife  33,5cm
  • $ 112.93 $ 109.55 

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WMF - Chef's knife 33,5cm

expected delivery 04 Jul - 08 Jul
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    WMF Bread knife
  • $ 91.88 $ 89.12 

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WMF - Bread knife

expected delivery 04 Jul - 08 Jul
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    WMF Paring knife
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WMF - Paring knife

expected delivery 04 Jul - 08 Jul


Kitchen knives "Grand Gourmet"...
The best knives for the best performances in your kitchen!

At first sight sometimes it's possible to distinguish a high quality knife from a knife of less quality ...

The good knives have obvious characteristics that guarantee proper functionality for daily use.

WMF knives are well balanced and comfortable to handle!

The balance of the knife, that is, the balance between the blade and the handle, significantly facilitates the work with the knife.

Chef's knife (2 sizes available):
the chef's knife. Sturdy and broad blade, ready to peel, crush and cut all sorts of ingredients.

Bread Knife:
a knife with a serrated edge suitable for bread, sandwiches, cakes and pastries in General.

Meat knife:
the blade is ideal for cutting, carving and slicing meats of all kinds.

Vegetable knife:
its sharp blade is perfect for peeling and cutting all kinds of vegetables or fruits.

Kitchen knife:
in everyday use, a knife very useful in the cut of meat, fish, vegetables or fruits of large dimensions.

The cable is in polished stainless steel with Cromargan® protection and the blade forged of a special steel, hardened in a carefull process.

Prizes and awards:

  • Design Plus, Frankfurt 1994
  • Red dot award, Design Center of North Rhine-Westphalia 1994
  • Nomination Compasso D'Oro 1995
  • International Design award, Design Center Stuttgart 1997
  • Prix de Couverts Maison & Objet Paris 1997
  • Busse Longlife Design Award; Busse Design Ulm GmbH 2005



Blade: 15 cm
Length: 29,5 cm


Blade: 20 cm
Length: 33,5 cm


Blade: 19 cm
Length: 32 cm


Blade: 20 cm
Length: 32 cm


Blade: 9 cm
Length: 19 cm


Blade: 10 cm
Length: 21 cm


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