Pill hot water bottle - Authentics

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Authentics - Pill orange hot water bottle

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Authentics - Pill grey hot water bottle



With just one look you can realize that Pill hot-water bag is not an every-day item.

Retro and modern, connected as one!

With a modern and charming design, this hot-water bag takes us to the ancient times where the oval metal hot bags were used to warm up.

The surface, however, is made out of a heat-resistant and rubber-like plastic, which is very pleasant to touch.
The Phill hot-water bag can be easily filled, the screw cap with handy cross out of stabile ABS-material closes the bottle in an easy and reliable way.
To close the bag just simply press the lid into the bottle.

Warm yourself!

Made of PVC and neopren.

Hot water bottle Pill designed by Jehs e Laub for Authentics.

Diameter: 24.5 cm
Volume: 1.9 l