Core chair - Cane Line

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    Cane Line Core set of 2 chairs
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Cane Line - Core set of 2 chairs



Core Armless chair ...  functionality at your table!

Simplicity and comfort at your service

This chair is the result of an entirely new manufacturing process.
Combine the Cane-line Tex® fabric with QuickDry® Foam, joining them to create a look only seen in interior furniture.

The goal was to create a very comfortable and functional chair regardless of the available space. Achieved!
Because they are very light, they can be stacked without difficulty, allowing a perfect storage.

With aluminum frame and Cane-line Latex® fabric in brown, enjoy the furniture for longer!
The Cane-line Tex® is a great fabric coated by polyester designed for outdoor use, wich requires only minimal care and maintenance.
The cushions with Cane-Line Tex® are provided with QuickDryFoam®, which provides maximum drainage and air flow, allowing the cushions to dry quickly after being exposed to rain or humidity.
The QuickDryFoam® also has an anti-microbial protection, preventing the onset of mold and mildew within the cushion.

Under the seat it has an extra drainage to ensure rapid drying after a downpour.

Your garden appreciates, and so do you!


design Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Cane Line
Height: 83 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 63 cm



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