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    Cane Line Defined carpet
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Cane Line - Defined carpet

Cane Line



Defined, define yourself.

More than a carpet, Defined is your design adviser!

For outdoor use, in polypropylene, Defined, defines the living area, creating a warm space.
Pleasing to the touch, practical and durable ... only after using Defined, the decor will be perfect.

Can be cleaned with warm water and a brush.

The carpet is manually produced, so it may be slight differences between them.

Defined, sets a new visual experience!


design Cane-Line Design Team

Cane Line
Height: 1 cm
Diameter: 200 cm



Island paradise

last update: 17 May 2017

Island paradise
It is with Cane Line that you will create your dreaming lounge. Here begins the great scape to paradise!
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last update: 18 October 2017

Get the look #5: your balcony for fall
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