09 July 2021

Outdoor rugs

Choices that will make all the difference in your terrace or in your garden. Take a look at the different rugs.


With different colors, unique patterns and sizes that adapt to different areas: these are our outdoor rugs, the perfect accessory to bring a new life into your garden's decoration.
Have fun with the different dynamics and choose the perfect complement for your outdoor space.


Non Flying carpe - Fatboy


The inspiration for the NonFlying Carpet was born of Kelim and persian carpets, and the mediterranian tiles. With great detail and fun persian patterns, the dutch bran reinvented and once again innovated. Take the Persian style home.


Bicicleta - Nanimarquina


In addition to its unique and unusual appearance, this is an environmentally friendly rug.
The Bike collection is born from a research on the possibility of using recycled gum to create new textures. This unique design allows removing the rubber from dumps that invade the streets of cities (especially in the city of Panipar in northern India) and carries it directly to the dining rooms, studios or terraces of houses around the world. This rug must 130-140 bicycle tires, once collected, are washed, cut and work on looms.



Defined - Cane Line


A new visual experience! For outdoor use, in polypropylene, Defined, defines the living area, creating a warm space. Pleasing to the touch, practical and durable, with this rug the decoration will be perfect. The carpet is manually produced, so it may be slight differences between them.



Picnic lounge - Fatboy


It' time for a long and relaxing evening.
Due to its size everyone has a seat and, beyond that, this rug is a box full of surprises: in spite of its persian pattern, and its resemblance to a classic rug, explore it and discover some of the secrets hidde by FatBoy just for you. A more fun decoration!

Suggested Products

Non flying carpet small persian orange
$ 162.38
Picnic lounge
$ 282.66

Picnic lounge - Fatboy

Picnic lounge - Fatboy

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