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    Covo Tiuku white clock
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Covo - Tiuku white clock

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    Covo Tiuku black clock
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Covo - Tiuku black clock




Tiuku, the new version of the pendulum clock.

When we think of pendulum clocks, immediately arises the idea of middle age watches, very ornamented ... that despite very beautiful, limited the decoration around it.

Tiuku, is the interpretation of this watch in a modern, simple and distinct version... with pendulum!

Its design allows it to be used anywhere in a public or private space.
At the entrance of your home, office or in the dining room, Tiuku will be the centerpiece, the eye-catcher!

Made of painted steel, in white or black.


design Ari Kanerv

Height: 190 cm
Width: 21/31 cm
Depth: 7 cm