With the strength of the aesthetic tradition that combines the concept of elegance and simplicity, Covo, with Italian DNA and international roots, has become the perfect interpreter of these two terms and has developed a distinct language, able to join tradition and contemporary into a classic avant-garde design.
With attentive and sensitive touch, organizes research ranging from the wise use and selection of materials for manufacturers with forward-thinking worldwide, allowing the opportunity to go with an ironic spirit to the experimental field, without exceeding the limit of useless and exhibitionism.

The fantasy in the shape and the attention to materials become the protagonists and the final product shines with a new and extremely personal aesthetic without sacrificing functionality.

A strong identity founded on a primary need for viability, a harmonious marriage between form and content, turns COVO into a brand able to seduce and conquer the public's attention thanks to the relentless pursuit of equilibrium.