07 November 2017

Cinema at home

How the movies, a cozy setting and a pleasant atmosphere can warm the cold winter days. Find it out!


With the November days at the door, staying at home becomes a tempting option!
Home is where we find well being, where everything seems warmer, where the environment is comfortable and invites to evenings rolled up in blankets and among confy cushions.

Warming up our home is imperative for a perfect winter! We must avoid cold and dull environments; on the other hand, compose a cozy and pleasant decoration, in a beautiful contrast with the season's harsh climate. We already know that this weather invite us to choose heavier and more intense materials to embrace the environment with comfort and hospitality.

For these reasons, do not be afraid to use pillows and blankets. We love little notes that make all the difference!

There's something lovely about winter...




And there are plans that are fulfilled year after year. 

Cinema is one of the programs that we do not give up! Who resists the invitation to watch a good movie, in the comfort of your home, in the warmth of the blankets and with some delicious appetizers? It is a simple and practical suggestion that can be repeated all winter season.
Get Inspired!

What do you need for a perfect movie night? We have some suggestions that we want to share with you. You know it's time to stop everything you doing...and get inspired!




Eva Solo




Pieces that are a timeless and must have for your home. 

Water, juice, wine, whisky...the content has no importance, flavour it in style!

Perfect for a romantic moment, with a heart-shaped spoon!

Klaid: a delight color set with the warmth of cotton.



Normann Copenhagen


Asa Selection

Home Concept

Bowls full of style, with different and countless uses. Create your ambience with sevral different sized and coloured bowls

A glass jug so refined, that no one will believe that it's for everyday use! Glass jug in high quality glass from WMF.

On a late afternoon, at the weekend with friends, Tapas are always a good idea! The perfect for plate for a movie night. 

The Wilder plaid shows how to dare, in a strong nuance and full of personality. Perfect to warm you on a colder night.

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