13 April 2017

The best stimulant in the world: coffee

One of the most consumed drinks in the world. It is the faithful partner in the life of all coffee lovers.


The biggest ally in every morning. The biggest boost for long days that seem to have no end. This drink, which takes us to the year 575 D.C., has its origin in an Ethiopian plant. Are you surprised? We have more curiosities to show!

It is one of the most consumed and well-known drinks in the world, we can even say that today is a universal language - in any corner of the world, everyone recognizes the aroma, the name, the cups and/or glasses of coffee. It is one of the most common habits and an integral part of our culture. From the expresso to the double, from the American to the Macchiato - there are many options when it comes to coffee and there are alternatives for all tastes.

More than half the world population doesn't dispense a morning coffee, becoming part of the daily routine: on the one hand, for the pleasant taste and comfort it offers, because it awakens senses; on the other hand, it is the daily addiction that makes every morning better. 
The little grains create great moments of pleasure.


It's coffee o'clock!

with Eva Solo





The Danish brand with more than 100 years of producing high quality products, innovative, modern lines and with a special Nordic touch. They are beautiful objects and above all are functional. Keeping the Scandinavian tradition, discover all options of table sets, keeping in mind the focus to serve perfect coffees: functional and elegant coffee makers and practical cups for daily use.



Eva Solo

Café à la France: the Cafetière. For those who love traditional French coffee with a minimalist but passionate design, this classic coffee maker makes your coffee the best in the world and thanks to its stylish insulating cover, keeps your coffee hot for a long period of time.




Eva Solo

The vacuum jug is very functional and easy to fill, completely drip-free thanks to the stainless steel pouring lip. The dream of any coffee lover, who doesn't want to waste any of his coffee! Winner of several prizes and distinctions, the Vacuum Jug is ideal for serving a very hot coffee: on a break from work, after the meal, before picking up the books to study.



Have you already drunk your coffee today?



Loved by many, it has also merit for being one of the drinks that brings more benefits to your health. Yes, it's true! Forget the myths that defame coffee. If drunk in moderation, it is not harmful; instead, it brings with it numerous benefits. And because it's always a good idea remembering some of its advantages, we've prepared a list with a few reasons to drink your daily coffee.




Reduces the risk of memory loss

  • Assists in strengthening immunity
  • Can help relieve stress
  • Serves as a stimulant drink
  • Reduces the risk of muscle pain
  • Influence - in a positive way - the humor
  • Helps in digestion - acting as a laxative
  • Rich in antioxidant 
  • Improves concentration - which increases the productivity to work and study.

 Eva Solo


Do you know that...


  • The first public coffee appeared in 1647, in Venice, with the name of "Café Florian".
  • A few years later the "Coffee Houses" became influential throughout Europe.
  • It was in the XVIII century that the first coffee shops were opened in Portugal.
  • The Portuguese coffee houses became throughout the years spaces of cultural and artistic animation.


At Inexistencia, our day only begins after the first coffee.




Coffee is always a good idea.




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