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Father's day: gift guide

Choose the perfect gift for the best father in the world. Find out our gift guide!


How to earn the title of son of the year?
Surprising the best father in the world!

Portuguese design pieces, accessories and decorative elements: different suggestions to choose and buy the best gift for Father's Day.

For those who love to cook


For the chefs at home, those who prepare the best meals. They also deserve the most elegant, most original and functional accessories and cooking utensils.

The Apron by Eva Solo is perfect to prepare your meals with refinement and with more functionality.
Elegant tis apron is the perfect match between you and your kitchen. With a leather strap and pocket, positioned in the front, it is possible that you keep the kitchen utensils while preparing your meals: so you will always have all the accessories at hand!

The recipe book by Alessi with this surreal design, reborn from the ashes just like a phoenix: Fiamma evokes reading.
Slightly traditional it is a must-have in many homes.

Grand cru cheese knife, by Rosendahl, it's a light and effective knife to cut cheese without crumbling.
Due to a good adherence and a sawing blade, you can have a bite anytime you feel like it, without destroying the cheese's appereance. Its simple and discreet outlines match any cutlery set.

Extraklasse kitchen knives by WMF An elegant wooden support with five knives for different uses. Knife for vegetables, utility knife with saw, kitchen knife, meat knife and bread knife.
A classic design for a stylish accessory that never gets old



For the sweet tooth 

sweet tooth


Colombina oyster knife, for seafood lovers.
Not only the high quality of the knife provides good service, as its unique features make this accessory a must-have for your table decoration.

From Mpfxdesign, Platu is original, functional, a design prop... The millenium must-have for olive-oil tasting lovers!
The organic and expressive design of the olive tree is inspired by the flow of the olive oil: the white colour refers to the purity of the tree, which is a symbol of ancestral heritage, as well as it holds the purpose to highlight the different colours and densities of the olive oil.

Tasting a very fresh drink will be much more tasty with Prepara Ice ball tray.
If you like to add flavor to your drinks, use the ice ball tray to create spheres with mint leaves, pieces of fruit or the spices you like! To add flavor to your water, at a family dinner, or in a social gathering with friends: ice ball tray will always amaze everyone!

Sophisticated, functional and with minimalist lines: this is Alba Truffle slicer by Alessi.
It is a sculptural piece that will allow you to serve a delicious truffle dinner - with friends or family.
This slicer is ideal to have in your kitchen. An exquisite accessory!



For the most original



Hippo is a dear friend that will open his mouth so that you can place your pencils and have a small break.
From Rosendahl,this is a smiling hippo always eager to help! Your new work mate to spend, with you, afternoons and evenings at the office.

Sardine unas south bank by Bordallo Pinheiro is full of humor, color, creativity and originality! One of the greatest portuguese comedians transformed into a colorful sardine.
The sardines are made with high quality colors and decals, which allows them to have a very strong, intense and beautifull glow and color. All the decorating process in each sardine is manual. 

For who likes to read the newspaper in style: Kuno prey twergi, newspaper holder by Alessi.
An important object for your reading corner or for your office. It allowas to turnover the page with no difficulties at all. At the end, just place it on a table, or hang it on a holder. Either way, the newspaper will always be available to everyone and intact.

For all fathers who still love Lego.
Storage brick 8 is a great addition to any child's room, with its bright and fun colors. With fun and imagination, everything is possible! The Lego boxes are designed to be stacked and attached to each other, like a real LEGO.


It's time to buy the perfect gift for Father's Day!



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About the author

Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like store.inexistencia.com and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.


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