Storage brick 8 - Lego

Lego - Storage brick 8 blue

Lego - Storage brick 8 red

Lego - Storage brick 8 yellow

Lego - Storage brick 8 white

Lego - Storage brick 8 pink

Lego - Storage brick 8 green

Lego - Storage brick 8 black


Storage brick 8

Let the kids tidy up their room with a smile!

The dream of any parent is to motivate the children to organize and pack their own toys ... now it's possible.
Turn this boring task into fun!!!

The Lego boxes are designed to be stacked and attached to each other, like a real LEGO.
So get to work ... The fun has just begun!

A great addition to any child's room, with its bright and fun colors.
With fun and imagination, everything is possible!!!

Made of polypropylene free of BPA and phosphates. 
PVC is not used.




Height: 18 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 25 cm



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last update: 13 April 2018

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