16 January 2017

Herb pots - eva solo

Nature indoors: Just one look to see if you must re-fill it with water.


Do you love your plants but want to spend a few days off, what to do?!
Believe, nothing will stop you to take a few days to rest.
And the flowers? They will always be fresh and beautiful!



the answer to your dilemma.
Are interior pots, designed to prolong and improve the life quality of your plants!

How? It's really simple and practical....

herbpot and vase decoration

Tools Design created these vases for Eva Solo, based on nature's watering principle.
In nature, plants withdraw from their roots the necessary water amount to survive. The same phenomenon happens in this Herb Pot.
The plant gets the water through a nylon wick that obtains water from the bottom of the pot.

All you have to do is make sure the bottom pot contains plenty of water.

Just one look to see if you must re-fill it with water.

Normally, but depending on the plants, you just need to re-fill with once a week.


herbpot eva solo


And now, are you gonna rest for some days?
Your plants will always be protected!

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