28 March 2018

Love on decoration on valentine's day

On the most romantic day of the year, find the perfect plans for a night for two at home.


Your home will always be the best place to have all the privacy you need and the comfort you want. 
Our suggestion for the most romantic day goes by a night for two away from the hassle. However, staying at home requires some special details and on important occasions we can - and should - give a twist to our home decor. 

Elegance, coziness and lots of love are the slogan to live your special Valentine's Day!


breakfast Accessories

Surprising is not a difficult task and all the smal love notes are important, to start the day in a very special way. A breakfast served in the comfort and warmth of the bed is the perfect premise to early celebrate Valentine's day.

  • Duet bowl - Rosendahl: Add color through a filling of several fruits, or with delicious appetizers to give life and please your soulmate. Pure beauty in a cup that reveals the best of nordic design.
  • Nature boards - House Doctor: In acacia wood, the minimalism stands out. An inspiration to serve in bed the first meal of the day.



vases and candles

Love can - and must - be spread through the house on this special day. If you haven't ideas or time, find out some of our suggestions. The flowers are always noticed and relevant in any decor. On the 14th, why don't you put flowers around the house? Loose petals in pots,  vaseswith roses; the possibilities are endless and very simple to execute!

  • Design with light pot - Holme Gaard: Be creative and test this design piece. Besides holding candles, they can be used as a flower or plant vase.
  • Dot vase - House Doctor: Personality and character! Allways ready to receive flowers. Bold and captivating, it will be the highlight in any decor.
  • Ruutu vase - IittalaFeel inspired by the colors and shapes and create art! With the favourite flowers of your soulmate, fill the vases with life!


Candles are also the timeless points of light that, never going out of style, help you to create the most comfortable and welcoming environments: without requiring too much work. Just light up a few candlesticks, strategically dispose, and the most romantic setting is created. On Valentine's Day this is a detail that can not be missed!

  • Kivi candle holder- Iittala: Warm light, unique decor, perfect execution! Create the perfect atmosphere with a wide color cocktail that you should spread in your home. 
  • Loop candelabra - Black Blum: A simple yet beautiful and everlasting candelabra. You can be seduced by each loop individually, with its endless shapes and forms...




Know that you can have a splendid dinner without giving up the comfort and privacy of your home. After all, between four walls the dinner is really - just and only -  for two; avoiding the confusions of the restaurants on these days and the lack of intimacy of these spaces.

Set the table decoration as the main motto! Be different and use the exclusive dining services that spread the originality and the desire to make this day unique. In addition, think of the recipe for dinner, with love. MAke it a surprise!

  • À la maison dinner plates - Asa Selection: Two colors, one line, infinite elegance!The most distinctive and surprising feature of this collection is the cracked effect that gives it an unique, handmade and organic look. Champagne and oysters ... Is there a more refined combination than that?
  • Dressed dinner plates - Alessi: Refinement at your table: no words  needed. Delicate, Dressed are, on their own, design pieces, that will always be a surprise. White porcelain plates with a decorated reliefs.
  • Goa cutlery - Cutipol: To complete the table decoration, Goa cutlery provides refinement and exclusivity. A portuguese brand that we choose for Valentine's day table decoration.



glasses and trolley

After dinner, the dessert and drinks can not be missed. Be creative, original and discover some suggestions we have for you. At home can also prevail the good mood at the end of the evening, with a sweet treat and your favorite cocktail!

  • Set of two glasses- Rosendahl: Gracious outlines in a tulip shaped glass, so that you can enjoy a cool beer with elegance! Who said the glasses were only for drinking? It all depends on your creativity.
  • Big Love ice cream bowl - Alessi: Perfect for a romantic moment, with a heart-shaped spoon! An elegant bowl where you can enjoy your favorite ice-cream. Share some love!
  • Block mobile side table - Normann Copenhagen: A versatile piece of mobile furniture, to decorate your home. It is perfect to place cocktails and drinks on Valentine's Day. Open bar for two! 
  • Frame trolley - Cane Line: With simple lines mixed with the functional design, Frame will be your biggest ally. Designed to meet all your needs, Frame adapts to any situation.


Happy Valentine's Day!




Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
About the author

Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like store.inexistencia.com and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.

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