It's time to spoil your mother.

Close to celebrate all mother’s day, it is also time to think how to surprise them. Besides the hugs, the affection and the usual love, at Inexistencia we also present gifts to remember, forever, to make memories that become eternal.

For any mother, her home is always a special place - where she shares moments, where she keeps memories. At Inexistencia, we like to dare and suggest contemporary environments - not to mention, on special days like this, that the most important thing is to brighten the day of your beloved mother.

For all special mothers, we have created a Gift Guide.
From the boldest to the most traditional; the best gifts for May 7th, are here, at inexistencia. 


Let us know what is your favorite! decoração flroes





white gifs







Holme Gaard



Who is the woman that resists to this sober and elegant tone?
Brighten up the environment, give light to each area and create bright spots with points of light that offer comfort and warm. Don’t waste time and enjoy the best moments, the good things in life. In modern classics objects, minimalist and elegant, know that nature inside home gives life to any area - color and good energies.

Eos suspension lamps - Vita
Dreams hanging on in a spot of light. The Eos suspension lamps stand out in the world of home decor and at mama's house.  It's possible to feel the Danish influences in this lamp's design.

White nature candle holder - SPAL
Three different textures within a set of candle holders with biscuit finish, perfect to decorate your home, or even as a gift for someone you care about. We talk about your mother, of course! The perfect gift to surprise your mother.  

Take time xl watch - Lexon
An elegant clock with three uses: for the wrist, in the Pocket like in the past or to carry in your purse. I want every hours with you, my super mother! 

Cocoon vases - Holme Gaard
In the living room as a sculpture, or in the hall to welcome everyone, or simply as a flower jar. Designed to reflect and capture light, in a special way that only glass can succeed. Unique objects for unique people: mothers!



blue gifts




Eva Solo


Home Concept



A deep blue of sophistication
The strong color for all mothers who love to risk and dare.

Tableware ítaca - SPAL
Good energies reflected in the blue graphics. A collection that reminds us of warm seasons, tropical places and isles that make us dream about. 

Vacuum jug - Eva Solo
Stylish vacuum jug from Eva Solo is suitable for hot beverages such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Do your mother prefer cold drinks? No problem, this jug solves your problem!

Kuulas birds by toyka - Iittala
Let him come into your home ... It will be the perfect nest! And who is better to take care of this small and loving bird that our mother?! 

Rusty decorative pillows - Home Concept
For the best mother in the world! To decorate her bed and make her room the best place in the world. Because every mother always deserve to rest at the end of each day.



grey gifts





Home Concept




A nuance that is born from the mix of two timeless colors: black and white.
For vain mothers who stand out for simplistic elegance. Gray, it will always be a winning bet!

Jewelry flacon - Menu
Protect mother’s jewelry in these little, original treasure boxes! A simple design that combines womanlike with the obvious functionality and gracefulness, which by its own is already beautiful.

Meno home felt bag - Iittala
For shopping or carrying important documents... This bag is versatile without neglecting in style! A perfect gift, right? A help in everyday life, either in the room or hallway, ready to go out for shopping.

Grey bay decorative cushion - Home Concept
Just a dream away! Perfect for mother's room and for dress up her bed with refinement, combining patterns...and let her go!

Pepe marble mirror - Menu
Mom will always be an inspiration for her daughters. In front of the mirror they can share many special moments. Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?



blaack and gold gifts






Black Blum


Normann Copenhagen



The classics that come together for a special date.
Timeless colors for classic and elegant mothers, who like tones that do not compromise and last forever.

Cotton placemats - Mydrap
The perfect complement for your table. On family dinner they will always stand out. With a large pallet of colors, you can match them as you like, adding color to your table and joy to your meal.

Loop candelabra - Black Blum
In spite its' simple lines, its' beauty is completely revealed when lightning all the candles. Special days deserve special gifts. You can be seduced by each loop individually, with its endless shapes and forms...

Tea and coffee service glee - SPAL
The porcelain combines with gold, in stunning graphics! Modern and irresistible, to taste tea in the late afternoon and coffee every morning. For every mother that love a beautiful tea and coffee service. 

Swan bird - Normann Copenhagen
Just like a pictogram, Swan comes across an almost indifferent posture and timeless elegance. We are driven by beauty... Beauty creates affection and hustles emotions. There is no more special present for your mother!


flores decoraçãoDo you know how to spoil the best mother in the world?