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We're speaking about Scandinavian Design


Minimalism and functionality are the identity of this style, which has its cradle in countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland.

There is an atmosphere of comfort and joy around this type of decoration and design, in contrast to the typical atmosphere in these cold and dark countries.Countries of unrelenting climate, where temperatures challenge people, a need to create pieces that ensure that the cold breeze does no get indoor is very important.

Warm is the keyword within walls and it is felt in each set of Scandinavian decor.
It is imperative to ensure spaces super confortable inside home - combining straight lines, high quality and elegance. We found some ingredients that make this mix a tasty cocktail at first sight. Excellence in every detail, the uniqueness of the pieces. This is Scandinavian style.


These are striking influences that make a vanguard place till the present day, winning admirers around the world.

Did you know that: 


▸ Hans Wegner

is one of the central figural when it comes to Scandinavian design and marks the twentieth century. The Danish start spread the Nordic style with a bag full of wisdom, with the premise of combining organic functionality to modernism. In the history of this designer, who remains a reference nowadays, are more than 500 seats drawings.
"A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles."



 Arne Jacobsen


With formation at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, Arne marks the first phase of his life as a bricklayer, but their subsequent training, packed in knowledge, he became one of the most renowned architects. He became one of the danish modernism pioneers and in 1955 created the Series 7, with influence on the Ant chair, which would become one of the biggest comercial successes in the world.

▸ Eero Saarinen

Winner of several awards, the finnish architect is one of the protagonist of the Scandinavian design. In the vanguard design world, the creations of Eero were a remarkable success and have become classics decor. Even today we find the designer brands that marked an era..



Ergonomics is the science of comfort

Scandinavians are very concerned about ergonomics.
In the composition of this word, we find three hidden words that dictate its symbology:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Efficiency

It is clearly evident this concern of Scandinavians; it is always a winning whenever creating objects reunites the three principles of ergonomics. It is imposed that at the end of each piece we feel not only the uniqueness and the unique design of it, but it is also important the recognition of functionalism.
Basically, Scandinavian designers develop objects of common use, that make part of every routine and yet sublime and refined.


Neutral colors

Overuse of colors, neutral tones, is one of the wrinkled features of Scandinavian style. Choose neutral colors ensures the simplicity and at the same time the well-being and do not saturate any space. To break in a positive way with pastel colors, the Nordics take the risk combining the traditional with the modern: combining rustic furniture with cooler tones, balancing the proportions and completing each area.

neutral colors_evasolo



One of the beliefs of the Scandinavian design pioneers was, and remains today, combining functionality with sophistication. On your everyday routine should be considered not only practical and useful objects, yet without losing the elegance and distinction. It is one of this style premises that keep clean spaces, sorted and methodically decorated.



Other elements

 If you feel conquered by the Scandinavian style, but you have the feeling that only the white or other pale shades prevails and you are not allowed to use colors: then you are wrong! The use of details in bright colors such as hihlighted spots will make every space cozy and will create a difference. Smoothly, you can and must complete the decor with brown, beige, pieces of wood and glass.



Scandinavian design through the brands 



The soft minimalism of high quality pieces. The mix of features of this nordic style, in each object created by some of the most talented designers in the world. Since 1976 Menu develops unusual and amazing products.

Eva Solo

For over 100 years Eva Solo creates unique products with a unique quality, for kitchenware and decorative items. No one can remain indifferent to this brand that completes each house...and fills the hearts of design and decoration lovers.


Tradition with modernity and Innovation is born. Scandinavian influences are present in every product of the danish brand. Style, comfort and functionality are the key words in this project that embraces simplicity without compromising in any way the use of products in everyday life.


Find out the nordic world that completes Inexistencia 



house doctor logo



The most recent scandinavia brand at Inexistencia, is House Doctor. From Denmark, we bring to Inexistencia the inspiring interior decoration brand, with contemporary pieces that offer the essential vitamin to make your house, your home; and with the promise of creating stories on all objects, for any division!