last update: 28 June 2019

Summer guide

Are you ready for summer? We chose the pieces that you must have for this season. Find out!


We love summer.

And for that reason we prepared a selection of pieces that you will want to have in your home.
The days are longer, the sun is the guest of honor and we want to spend more time on the outside.

It is time to gather friends and family and make the environment more comfortable and unique. From the outdoor sofa, to the lanterns to create the perfect environment; from the parasol to protect from the sun, to the fireplace for the cooler evening – these are the pieces that we choose for you to enjoy, in the best way, summer time in your home.



Cane Line

Chester sofa - Cane Line
Classic and always cozy, always fits someone else! With a clean and straight lines design, Chester is the right choice.
Offers a relaxed environment, providing moments of pure relaxation to everyone.


Cane Line
Amaze folding side table - Cane Line
The use of wood and aluminum, creates a more sophisticated and smoother appearance. Flexible and unique: on the outside as in the inside
The top of the table may be used as a tray!




Follow me table lamp - Marset
Follow the lighting and design, on an unique lamp. Modern, with minimalist style and a look so beautiful that will become your companion for late afternoon and unforgettable nights.




Beanbag vetsak outdoor large - Vetsak
On the outdoor with more comfort!
By being water resistant it becomes the perfect piece for the exterior. This Beanbag  it's not only functional but it is also aesthetically beautiful and so it is a must have to enjoy the sunny days.



Sushi outdoor table - Kristalia
Timeless versatile - the center of your garden.
The top is easy to clean and very resistant to weather, is burning or softer.


Eva Solo

Fireglobe fireplace - Eva Solo
Nothing is cosier than gathering friends or family around a campfire with its beautiful flames and intense heat. A smart danish design that turned a simple fire, on a must-have of the season.



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