On colder days these throws provide maximum comfort
They are versatile, adaptable and can transform any environment. That's why we give so much importance to these textiles and we all like to have them at home.  These throws the best accessory for several programs: a movie night at home, for a long conversation with friends, the ideal partner for a nap at the end of the day and even the greatest ally for the nights spent on the balcony. 

See some of our proposals - original throws, with different colors and patterns, adaptable to any environment and any home.

fatboy throw

Klaid plaid, Fatboy

A delight color set with the warmth of cotton; neon details that stand out in this comfortable, super large and soft plaid.
For romantic moments, for long nights with friends or to enjoy with family.

klaid fatboy


klaid fatboy


whisper home concept

whisper home concept




Ola plaid, Linum

The perfect way to warm up on cold nights: Ola is the perfect throw to always have on hand.
Refined and elegant, and always very warm.

Throws in 100% cotton - the softness of cotton causes heat in a heartbeat.


Wilder plaid, Home Concept

A passionate and inspiring collection: Wilder! Come along with Home Concept and let yourself be inspired.
Come along with Home Concept and let yourself be inspired by Wilder.

Plaid in 100% cotton.


ola linum

wilder home concept





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