We love autumn. The leafs and the colors. The cozy aromas. We love sunny afternoons and cold mornings. At home, we love the comfort and well being. And, for those reasons, we select our favourite pieces for a perfect fall. 


What is your autumn wishlist?  ♥

Covo᙮ Teapot - Covo
A hot tea is the best partner for these cold days. 
Um chá quente é o melhor companheiro para os dias mais frescos. A teapot that resembles tradition but with the touch of modernity, is all that we need for perfect autumn evenings!




᙮ Berry sofa - Viccarbe
With a peculiar color, Berry is an important sofa. The comfort mixed with the style, on a piece with autumn tones. Enjoy autumn to use these warm colors. 



Holme Gaard᙮ Design with light lanterns - Holme Gaard
Glass light lantterns, designed to spread warmth and light wherever life is enjoyed...Perfect for evenings in the balcony.



Bordallo Pinheiro᙮ Sardinha quentes e boas - Bordallo Pinheiro
Inspired by the street vendors of the popular roasted chestnuts, this sardine, still sizzling, is made of tradition, filled with flavour and taste for what is ours.



Menu᙮ Nut hammer martelo para nozes - Menu
 Much more fun than an ordinary nut-cracker! The nut is one of the most popular fruit of the season, so this nut-cracker is a very important kitchen utensile. 



SPAL á™® Serviço de jantar Fall - SPAL 
 And its name says it all! Red flowers perfectly outlined: absolutely chic! Autumn at your table.







Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
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Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like store.inexistencia.com and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.