Tableware fall - SPAL

SPAL - Fall dinner set of 70 pieces

SPAL - Fall set of 6 table plates

SPAL - Fall set of 6 soupe plates

SPAL - Fall set of 6 fruit plates

SPAL - Fall set of 6 dessert plates

SPAL - Fall charger

SPAL - Fall serving tray 46x22cm

SPAL - Fall serving tray 40x20cm

SPAL - Fall serving tray 33x16cm

SPAL - Fall salad bowl

SPAL - Fall tureen

SPAL - Fall gravy boat with saucer

SPAL - Fall set of 6 small bowls

SPAL - Fall set of 6 cereal bowl



Fall dinner service in white porcelain with red leaves.

Autumn in all its splendour...

Red flowers perfectly outlined.
Absolutely "chic"!

70 dinner service pieces
24 plates with 28 cm  diameter
12 soup plates with 23 cm diameter
12 fruit plates with 22 cm diameter
12 dessert plates with 17 cm diameter
1 serving tray 46 x 22 cm
2 serving trays 40 x 20 cm
2 serving trays 33 x 16 cm
1 salad bowl with 2L capacity
1 tureen with 4L capacity
1 gravy boat with saucer with up to 0.43 L capacity
2 small bowls with a capacity of 0.30 L






High quality, lasting porcelain
Dishwasher and microwave safe


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Autumn wishlist🍂
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