Cook ’n time thermometer - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Cook ’n time thermometer
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Eva Solo - Cook ’n time thermometer

Eva Solo - Cook ’n time thermometer

Eva Solo



A multifunctional piece of excellent design.

A single piece with three different functions:
→ Clock function, indispensable in any kitchen.
→ Timer function includes some pre-defined cooking times, such as for cooking an egg or to melt chocolate to your cakes.
→ Thermometer function which includes the probe. An indispensable help in preparing any roast.

The perfect combination to assist you in the kitchen!

With the thermometer Cook 'n time, your cooking will always be executed in time!

In plastic, aluminum and stainless steel.


Eva Solo

Height: 6.5 / 2.7 cm
Diameter: 7.7 cm




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last update: 08 August 2016

News: eva solo
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