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    Eva Solo Sunlight bell small
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Eva Solo - Sunlight bell small

Eva Solo - Sunlight bell

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    Eva Solo Sunlight bell large
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Eva Solo - Sunlight bell large

Eva Solo - Sunlight bell

Eva Solo



Light me up!
Extend the evenings outside, in the garden ...

A point of natural light, in the surprising shape of a beautiful bell.

The Sunlight Bell will brighten up any scene.

With its exclusive design, this lamp is made up of fully integrated and concealed solar cells. Eco-friendly, energy only comes from the sunlight it receives - after charging for 8 hours in full sunshine, the lamp illuminates the environment for another 20 hours.

It can also be set to turn on automatically.

Depending on your taste, add personality to your home decoration with Sunlight Bell - you can leave the lamp suspended or decorate the garden, putting Bell in suitable locations.

SunLight bell in frosted glass, aluminium and plastic.

Eva Solo
Height: 19.9 cm
Diameter: 13.9 cm


Eva Solo
Height: 30 cm
Diameter: 21 cm



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