Legio nova étagère - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Legio nova étagère
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Eva Solo - Legio nova étagère

Eva Solo - Legio nova étagère

Eva Solo



Cupcakes on top!
Legio Nova Étagère: stunning enough to impress.

Three layers of pure simplicity, elegance and refinement.

Exquisite bakery forever!
With Legio nova étagère and its layers, your cupcakes, cakes and chocolates will be always exposed in a festive way. And if you are not a candy lover, just be aware that this exhibitor will also be perfect for fruits.

In addition to its elegance, this is a fascinating piece and above all it doesn't compromise your house's organization or decoration.

The white porcelain, minimalist and modern, offers the possibility to use the Legio nova étagère as a decorative item.
Filled with candies, it will be super difficult to resist...

Suitable for cupcakes, cakes or fruit. 
3-layer étagère made from Legio Nova plates with 19, 22 and 25cm diameter.
All parts are dishwasher-safe.


Eva Solo

Height: 29 cm
Diameter: 25 cm


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