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    Fatboy Picnic lounge
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Fatboy - Picnic lounge

Fatboy - Picnic lounge




Picnic lounge, it is pic-nic time...

On the beach, on the park, or simply on your garden, just stretch this elegant rug so that the party can get started.

Due to its size everyone has a seat.

With four included pins, it is possible to fix PixNic Lounge on the ground... everything is now set, the mess can begin...
In the middle, a special gap allows us to place a sun-shade.

A pouch, with the FatBoy logo, was incorporated so that you do not loose your keys or mobile phone....
A little brush to clean up sand or crumbs was not forgotten and is also included.

Cleaning up is also an easy chore: just roll over the rug, place the carrying strap and it is ready to go!!

But that is not all... Picnic Lounge is a box full of surprises... in spite of its persian pattern, and its resemblance to a classic rug.... explore it and discover some of the secrets hidde by FatBoy just for you ;)

Prepare youself for along and relaxing evening....


Must have: summer 2016

last update: 20 June 2016

Must have: summer 2016
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