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Lamzac Hangout - Instant comfort...

Lamzac will be, from today on, the indispensable companion wherever you go.
Don't you believe it?

Super fun and amazing Lamzac quickly turns into a fantastic puff!

Just inflate it and relax...
Large and comfortable is easy to fill, and also easy to empty.

Lamzac needs air to live... you need Lamzac to relax!!!

The filling is "air", just one or two movements and Lamzac is ready for use.

The best part? 
When empty, Lamzac can be transported in a practical and small bag, which can be taken everywhere!

Lamzac is thus the perfect companion for: a picnic, a festival, to the beach, in the countryside, in the garden... everywhere.

A comfortable sofa, inflatable... for two !!! ;)

Prepare yourself to be the center of attention: you and Lamzac!!!

Made of highly resistant nylon, the inner bag is in high-density polyethylene.
Very sturdy, supports up to 200 kg and is water repellent.


To clean just use a soft and wet rag.

Height: 90 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 200 cm


We love lamzac

last update: 13 July 2016

We love lamzac
Wherever you go, make yourself comfortable. Lamzac is simple and fun: and it will be your summer's best friend.
Must have: summer 2016

last update: 20 June 2016

Must have: summer 2016
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