The ball modular sofa - Lina

Lina - Red sofa 3+1

Lina - The ball modular

Lina - Lime sofa 3+1

Lina - The ball modular

Lina - Orange sofa 3+1

Lina - The ball modular

Lina - Lilac sofa 3+1

Lina - The ball modular



The Ball Modular, the sofa that will turn your life around!

A sofa made up of 4 balls that commits itself to cheer up any environment.
The Ball Modular is the perfect companion for a cheerful chat with your friends, or simply for an evening by the sea!

At first sight, due to its spherical design, it seems almost impossible that this sofa works in fun and comfort wise. 

It combines whatever the ambience, indoors or outdoors. The Ball Modular is set up by three large balls, that can be applied as chairs, and by a small two-in-one ball, useful as backrest or armrest.

The Ball Modular holds out the opportunity  for you to gather round your family and friends in the living-room or in your garden.... just sit and chat!
However, this sofa is so versatile that it also enables you to have an excelent resting spot.

It is quite tough, being possible to sit several people at the same time.
The cover is removable and washable up to 40º. 

Covered in 3D-Tex cloth with rubber interior.
Fills with air, delivered empty.

There is an infinity of possible combinations among the 36 colours available.

Cannot find the colour or match you are looking for? Put us to the test!

Height: 110 cm
Width: 121.9 cm
Depth: 130.6 cm