Frozen ball sofa - Lina

Lina - Frozen ball sofa red

Lina - Frozen ball sofa orange

Lina - Frozen ball sofa yellow

Lina - Frozen ball sofa lime



The Frozen Ball, the backed-up bench!

To rest in an amusing way, this is this bench's motto!

Functional and versatile, the Frozen Ball is an awsome decor element that works anywhere!

The Frozen Ball is the perfect accessory at the office, at home, in the bedroom.. : due to its spherical outline, the Frozen Ball invites you to the so called "active sitting": always on the move, even sitting down!!! 
For long periods of using this bench, it is recommended to vary between active mode (without the base) and less active mode (with base)!

The cover is removable and washable up to 40º. 

The sofa is made of plywood, covered in foam and in 3D-Tex cloth.

There is an infinity of possible combinations among the 36 colours available.

Cannot find the colour or match you are looking for? Put us to the test!

Covered in 3D-Tex cloth with rubber interior.
Fills with air, delivered empty.
The base has a metal struscture covered with the same textile as the ball.

Height: 61 cm
Diameter: 55 cm