Tsjonge-jongetje - Fatboy

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    Fatboy Tsjonge-Jongetje stripes
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Fatboy - Tsjonge-Jongetje stripes

Fatboy - Tsjonge-Jongetje



Inside... or outside? Your kids will love it!
With Tsjonge-Jongetje the possibilities are endless.

The combination of design and comfort make this puff a must have for any modern and comfort home!

Read a book, watch a movie, enjoy the sun... everything is possible with Tsjonge-Jongetje!

The perfect companion for your kids: in the garden,  living room, bedroom or even the terrace.

Puff made of high-end fabrics Sunbrella & de Ploeg, with PVC bottom, coated with dirt and moist repellent
The filling is EPS and foam.

Height: 46 cm
Width: 101 cm
Depth: 60 cm