Mosaic blue collection cutlery rest - Images D Orient

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    Images D Orient Set of 4 cutlery rest
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Images D Orient - Set of 4 cutlery rest

Images D Orient


Mosaic blue cutlery rest ...

Mosaic belongs to a meticulous and demanding art, where the prototypes were carefully preserved and transmitted from the "maalem" - master or teacher - to his apprentice.
These cutted stones called zelliges, follow an order and aesthetic harmony in a game of negative-positive, leaving us in perpetual meditation.

Add your cutlery to these pieces, create and transmit emotions and sensations!

In blue shades, they embody the sea, the sky ... in a Eastern original interpretation...

In very malleable PVC, the pieces fit each other creating a beautiful pattern.

With a contemporary concept in tribute to past civilizations' legacy, in which embossed details give a different look to your desk, both vintage and futuristic.

Washable with soap and water, heat resistant, does not break.
Sold in sets of 4 units.


Images D Orient

Height: 1.8 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 1 cm



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