Princesse amoureuse vinyl stickers - Le Pre d Eau

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    Le Pre d Eau Sticker princesse amoureuse
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Le Pre d Eau - Sticker princesse amoureuse

Le Pre d Eau - Princesse amoureuse

Le Pre d Eau



Because your little princess deserves the very best.

Bring magic into our princesse's life. Choose words powerful words.

A, repositionable, vinyl sticker, Le Pre D'eau stickers are suitable for any smooth surface.
​Easy to install.
A combination of humour and poetry.

Poetic Wall 
design Mel et Kio

Height: 10cm
Width: 25 cm



Le Pre D'eau

Once upon a time, there was a wall design company called "Le Pré d'Eau".
It fancied drawing and writing, until one day, it met a strange material : the vinyl, together with chinese ink.
And walls started to tell stories!


Children's day

last update: 25 May 2016

Children's day
Children's day is almost here...And all the affections are for the little ones! Get inspired to celebrate Children's Day.