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    Magis Nido cave
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Magis - Nido cave

Magis - Nido



Nido, the friendly monster!

For the Me Too collection of Magis, Javier Mariscal demonstrated with Nido, all his enthusiasm for comics, which he has since his childhood, and for the Pop-Art, with a happy monster hideaway.

Nido is a fish, a friendly monster, with a huge shell, that protects the little monsters :) from the outside dangers!!!

In fact, its shape is not frightening at all, being perfect for your garden... for days, and days, and days, of pure happiness.

Inside, Nido is green and yellow: the base is grass-like in green, the ceiling is yellow, with some graffiti... that tell some stories.
Which stories? Javier Mariscal leaves it for the little artists.

In polyethylene, to indoor or outdoor use.

Height: 83 cm
Width: 104 cm
Depth: 150 cm


Children's day

last update: 25 May 2016

Children's day
Children's day is almost here...And all the affections are for the little ones! Get inspired to celebrate Children's Day.

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