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New Norm thermo kettle... Elegant and discreet design with an impressive functionality.

This thermo kettle combines two branded phylosophies, the japonese zen inspiration desire, a simpler expression, and the modern scandinavian approach, focused on functionality.

Perfection and minimalism in one single piece!

Tests show that this kettle preserves effectively any drink hot for a few hours.

After filling the kettle with a hot drink, up to 95ºC, and after 6 hours passed in a 24ºC environment. it will preserve the temperature at 78ºC.

An elegant steel gauge shows if the thermo jug is opened or closed.

Made of glass, stainless steel, plastic and silicone.
Holds up to 1L

design Norm Architects 2012

Altura: 00 cm
Largura: 00 cm
Profundidade: 00 cm



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