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Menu - Kettle

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This kettle embraces the encounter of two traditions - the asian zen philosophy and the modern scandinavian design.

One special feature is the kettle's transparency, that grants us a visual experience of the tea, stimulating the three senses: touch, smell and sight.

Menu brings back tradition, the ancient custom of drinking tea on a daily basis.

An important detail of this design is the "egg" inside the kettle, that can be easily lifted by the silicone thread when the tea is ready to be poured. 

Tea became a natural part of a healthy lifestyle, and each tea has its own benefits: green tea has antioxidants, herbal tea with many spices and flavour explosions, white or african red tea..

Just for microwave usage or with water previuosly boiled in another container-

MenuHeight: 23 cm
Diameter: 15 cm
Capacity: 1,5 lt



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