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    Menu Bottle 0,5 l
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Menu - Bottle 0,5 l

Water Bottle, 0,5 L - Menu

in stock | expected delivery 29 Sep - 03 Oct
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    Menu Bottle 1 l
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Menu - Bottle 1 l

Water bottle, 1 l - Menu

in stock | expected delivery 29 Sep - 03 Oct



Have you ever wonder how many stories you told between one glass of wine? How many adventures have you lived?
How many flavors did you taste ? How many smiles triggered a table full of friends and a bottle for company?
And the water? Always on any table, in a more formal situation like a meeting; or at the table at home to go with your meals.

These are drinks that cause emotions, bring joy and are part of everyday life.
And to serve and sip, just a bottle that fulfills in all its essence and aesthetics, the function and beauty.

MENU Bottles: make the break for a drink last forever...

With an elegant silhouette, these bottles are all about finding beauty in the simplicity of things.
It is in its minimalist and sober lines that we find a versatile, practical and stylish accessory.

With a modern and contemporary expression, they are a must-have to bring to the table, to be part of your life and to be present on many occasions.

Bottles in clear glass, brass and silicone.

Height: 17.9 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Capacity: 0.5 lt

Height: 29 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Capacity: 1 lt


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