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What is your perspective? What is your point of view?
What do you see as soon as you look at the POV Vase?

One piece, infinite scenarios.

Whenever we watch a series or a movie, it is the camera that gives us the visual perspective of the action. It is the camera that indicates where we should go, as well as what we see and how we feel the story unfolding; because as the perspective changes, so does our perception and feelings about history change. Depending on the path the camera tells us, our point of view changes. This is called POV (point of view).

Note Design Studio designers have been able to create a serie of pieces that change with our viewing angle.
You will notice this dynamics as you move around the POV Vase - they will seem like flat graphical drawings and as you move around suddenly the graphic lines float in mid air.

As if this unique perception of the product were not enough, its careful and light lines are striking and stand out in all their beauty and elegance.
Suspended on the wall, perfect for giving life to a monotonous space, they are as irreverent as sober, captivating at first sight.

Pov vase in solid brass.

design Note Design Studio

Diameter: 44 cm
Depth: 12 cm


Christmas spirit
Christmas spirit
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