Dark & denim laundry detergent - Steamery

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    Steamery Dark & denim laundry detergent 750ml
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Steamery - Dark & denim laundry detergent 750ml

Dark & denim laundry detergent - Steamery

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To wash clothes, make sure you have the right product, to ensure the longevity of your pieces - and protect fabrics and colors.
Dark & Denim Laundry Detergent was specially developed to preserve and care for your darks and denim.

A new ally in the laundry.

The detergent has a quite pleasant aroma.
Did you do your laundry today?

Developed with great care and attention, to guarantee the durability and quality of the fabrics.Specially developed to individually suit different qualities of textile materials These laundry must-haves are premium products, ideal for different qualities of textiles. In addition, the containers have a contemporary, minimalist design, and the bottles are made from recycled plastic.

Dark & Denim Laundry Detergent works like an anti-washed-out treatment for your clothes.
The Dark & Denim Laundry Detergent doesn’t treat dark color pigments like dirt or too aggressively.
That’s what makes it so special; it preserves the colors and lets your darks and denims stay vibrant.



Capacity: 750ml


Other features:

  • Preserves dark colors and denim
  • Scented with Oud & Wood
  • Effective from 20°C
  • Contains no colorants, zeolites or phosphates
  • Highly concentrated (19–25 washes)
  • Bottles are made from 100% recycled PET.
  • Manufactured in Denmark



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