Cmyk carafe and glass - Vicara

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    Vicara CMYK carafe and glass
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Vicara - CMYK carafe and glass

CMYK carafe and glass - Vicara

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A color scale to create a fun, exciting and original table setting.
CMYK is a set of carafe and two glasses that will bring your home to life - it is a new approach to tableware, more stimulating and inspiring, a break from the monotony, a strong and suggestive proposal.

Color pattern at the table.

Combine your most classic pieces with the boldness of the CMYK set, made with cyan, magenta and yellow.
It is challenging and will fascinate all your guests.

Handblown in Marinha Grande, this set plays with the overlapping of colors.

Set of carafe and two glasses, from the Homeware colletion.
Made of coloured glass

Wash by hand with non abrasive materials

Vicara products are hand manufactured, so defects or failures are considered normal.
The brand has an aesthetic approach centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

Height: 19 cm
Bottle Capacity: 0.7 lt
Glasses Capacity: 0.3 lt



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