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    Alessi Pizza wheel Taio
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Alessi - Pizza wheel Taio

Alessi - Pizza wheel Taio




Pizza lovers!!
This is the accessory for everyone who loves the explosion of pizza flavors.

Taio: a small, elegant cutter with sinuous lines.

It's shape is very special!
Have you noticed how Taio resembles a bag? Or is it a box? Its design lends itself to anyone's imagination.

Its modern look makes this pizza cutter a very attractive accessory, to use at dinners with friends and to combine with your collection of kitchen utensils.

It's pizza time!

Pizza-cutter Taio in stainless steel.
From the Objets-Bijoux collection.

design Valerio Sommella

Height: 2.3 cm
Width: 10,8 cm
Depth: 10,5 cm


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