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Special guests in the garden: the birds

For those who love these little birds. They are a special guests in your garden. Here's how to make the bird space unique.


You can feel your garden full of life, in many and different ways. We, for example, love the birds singing, their flights to the nests and the way they go along with us, in the garden.
It is irresistible to have them as special guests!

And for that reason, we like to offer the best to our little birds; and the danish brand, Eva Solo, is one of the best when it come to create unique pieces for our animals.
For all those who love birds but want na organize and beautiful garden, it is time to discover the most inviting nesting boxes.

Make your garden a space full of life!


eva solo nesting box



Eva Solo

Bird feeder tube
The beauty of the simple, discreet and modern. Very easy to suspend at a tree branch, small birds will quickly find this lovely feeder where to eat every day for your enjoyment.



Eva Solo

Window bird feeder
A wonderful opportunity to study the different species of birds up close, without interfering with Nature. A new decoration for your window, the perfect break for little birdies. 




birds eva solo


Mini bird feeder
Made of  translucid glass, it is possible to observe the birds from all angles. They are shaped like small weaver bird’s nests, and quickly become a charming and natural place for garden birds to gather. 

Suet bird feeder
The suet bird feeder is designed to prevent the suet balls from falling out, and at the same time, it ensures that larger birds do not fly off with the suet ball. It is easy to hang in a garden or balcony... with a special flourishment!

◆ Suspended bird feeder
This bird feeder is perfect, an excellent alternative that will give elegance to your garden. Feed the birds in your garden!


eva solo nesting box_02


Eva Solo

Suet Bird feeder 
With a design thought for the small birds, it has also elegant features so that it does not compromise the decoration of your garden. Invite the birds to spend the evening in this feeder!




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