Bird feeder suet - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Suet bird feeder
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Eva Solo - Suet bird feeder

Suet bird feeder - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo


Receive the birds in your garden, share the harmony of their beautiful singing and allow them to feed close to you.

Invite the birds to spend the evening in this feeder!

With a design thought for the small birds, it has also elegant features so that it does not compromise the decoration of your garden.
The porcelain cover prevents the food from fall; as well as does not allow larger birds to fly away with food.

For the little birds that come singing! Welcome them in the best way you can.

Suet bird feeder in stoneware an stainless steel.

Eva Solo
Height: 12 cm
Diameter: 9 cm


Special guests in the garden: the birds
Special guests in the garden: the birds
For those who love these little birds. They are a special guests in your garden. Here's how to make the bird space unique.

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