Like this owl, from Iittala and that we love, we have our eyes on the principal must-have pieces for any home.
They are contemporary and stand out for their originality and for being avant-garde: in their lines, shapes, colors, design. They are objects that transform any space and still can be combined with other objects that you already have at home; they are unusual and therefore surprising. 

In these proposals, give personality to the environment is more important than anything else and, believe me, these pieces will not remain indifferent to anyone!

From kitchen accessories, to Portuguese design, through lighting, to decorative pieces: get inspired and take your favorites to the decoration of your home!







Shelf stow it - Materia
The must have of the moment!


What at first sight seems to be a simple shelf is, in fact, an object thought, studied and created to provide better moments on your daily life routine. In cork, a trend material, this is the shelf that has proved to be a challenge fulfilled!



Bordallo Pinheiro


Naturalistic magnets swallow - Bordallo Pinheiro
Fly higher!


The Bordallian animal that does not stop flapping its wings from one collection to another.  Spring brought us the swallow that made her nest in your refrigerator door.





Holy day chair - Viccarbe
Pure relaxing moments...


With its harmonious proportions, the Holy Day chair was clearly inspired by the classic design. Its lacquered structure in white or black, is designed according to the highest quality standards.





Cherry lamp - Qeeboo


The cherry on top... of every room! Poetic, delicate, versatile, in hand blown Murano glass. The cherries that shine suspended, like points of light.





Six bottle carrier - Materia
A soft expression of friendship.


Six combines the smoothness of the cork and the simplicity of a strong yet elegant aluminum strap, offering a solution to carry wine or spirit drinks





Norm relógio de parede - Menu
It's about time...


To create a trully dramatic and dazzling watch to complete an empty wall: Norm. Romantic, on a minimalist and lovely expression: don't waste your time!





Turning table - Menu
An elegant, unpretentious and attractive project. 


When a minimalistic table combines perfectly with functionality. Turning table has a secret area where you can pack up everything you want.





Stack seat stool - SimpleForms
A new way of having a seat!


The fun snd irregular shape makes him an excellent company: in he bedroom, in the living-room, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom.



House Doctor


Wave vase - House Doctor
A wave of inspiration.


Wave is the vase that, combined with others or alone, adds a mix of irreverence with the timeless classic. Perfect for anyone who likes distinction!





Uhuu birds by toyka - Iittala
Who's there?


The Uhuu has a humorous appearance, perhaps for their big eyes. Likes to live by night while the house is deeply asleep. A Philosophy symbol transformed into art!



There are 10 pieces that stand out in any home environment or scenery. Which is your favorite?


menu turning table



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