09 March 2018

Get the look #1

Let the contagious spring energy come into your home. Find out our suggestions.


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Open the doors to spring


JWe have already talked about the season of flowers, the vibrant colors and the softer and more relaxed decorations. Opening doors to the outdoor environment is always a good idea and if you haven't renovated the décor yet, this is the right opportunity. Harmonize the energies of this season and allow your home to live with a refreshing intensity. Extend the garden to the interior and your house will be a place with more light, more color, with a soft breeze and for that, a happier space. Get the look with Inexistencia.


MagisCyborg club chair Magis
Unmistakably a design concept by Marcel Wanders. For the high level of beauty and comfort, all that an expert craftsman can produce with a softg and beautiful color. 




MagisCyborg ply chair Magis
Borns from the search for new materials and combinations. In a neutral color is easy to combine with other elements in any space. Because of its soft color the chair gives a spring vibe. 





L002 floor lamp Pedrali

The soft outline make this lamp a perfect lamp. L002 is a floor lamp that creates the illusion of being a suspension lamp. Its arched shape allows it to be placed on the opposite side, giving an illusion effect.




KristaliaThin-k extensible table Kristalia
With minimalist yet modern design, this table adapts to the most different environments. Here, this table is perfect for dinners with friends and family. Table top with only 6mm thick.




House DoctorWoody vase House Doctor
When the classic walks side by side with the modern style. The flower's favourite place! In clay and wood, an highlight in any home.





Asa Selection

Holme Gaard




Grand cru colection bowls Rosendahl  Endless stylish uses. These bowls embellish any table!

Chava Tea wooden tray Asa Selection  The ideal complement. An original piece of simple and elegant lines.

Cocoon colection bowl Holme Gaard  A simple design that will match perfectly your contemporary home.

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Thin-k extensible table white
$ 3365.81

Thin-k extensible table white - Kristalia

Thin-k tavoli allungabili - Kristalia

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