For this Christmas, a very special gift!
Christmas is the season of kindness and happiness. The season of surprises and being surprised. To give a special gift to the person you love the most!

Get inspired with our best suggestions. Yes, for all the family!



gifts for her

For the mom who loves cozy and relaxing environments after a day work...
The timeless SPAL candles with three different textures are perfect for home decoration or to offer to the best mother in the world.
It is always a difficult task to choose the perfect gift but the candles are a winning bet!

And for the distracted sister, nothing like a functional, practical, original and very lovely accessory.
Pip will be the perfect help, your sister will never forget the keys again: it will be the missing guardian!
House keys, car matter what, keys will always be safe. An elegant, full of style key chain made of stainless steel.

To surprise your girlfriend!
No woman will resist to the sweetness of two Love Birds that celebrate love for a lifetime. The most romantic gift of this Christmas, a gift that will last for the rest of her life!

Who doesn't have that friend who is the most vain of all?
That one friend who won't let go the mirror, that is always late but even though she is the best friend of the world.
With the Gridy Me mirror and the Menu Jewelery, of course we're giving her more excuses to be late for all future dinners, but we do everything for our best fiend, right? She'll love it!



gifts for him

For the father who is the chef of the kitchen at home - and doesn't pass without original pieces to assemble the perfect table.
The Platu is the creative and simultaneously functional object that fulfills the specific task of tasting olive oil. In this Christmas pack, join Oli - the Portuguese olive for all the olives in the world.
Dad will love it!

An inseparable partner, whether it's on the shelf or in the bedside table.
If your brother is a fan of the modern era, of edge and revolutionary products, Multibook is the perfect gift.
A reinterpretation of the traditional book in a multitask product.: a lamp, an alarm clock, pages that diffuse the light of 74 LEDs, space to store the cables.
Your brother will never leave this gift!

For the boyfriend who is addicted to gadgets and surprising accessories - he will be surprised when he opens the present.
Urania is the acoustic loudspeaker by Holme Gaard: The ultimate gadget, with high-end design, for low-tech sound. To listen your favorite song everywhere, on a romantic dinner or on a funny evening.

The most fun sardine for the most adventurous and fantastic friend!
The one who doesn't miss an opportunity to travel, who collects memories, a free spirit but always present in the life of his friends; the adventurous, full of life and always happy- everything we feel in this Bordalliana sardine, that is made with colors and decals of high quality, which allows them to have a brightness and a very strong and beautiful color intensity.




gifts for granparents

For the grandmother who loves gardening, that has plants around the house and doesn't dispense the herbs.
Urban garden triple plant bag has been designed for small plants and the triple bag will, of course, surprise your grandmother.
With a relax and functional design, they are perfect for any decoration...even the most conservative.

The ideal gift for the grandfather who every morning reads the newspaper. Alessi's newspaper holder is perfect for your reading corner or for your office. Allows you to turn the page without difficulty.
Don't you think it will surprise the best grandfather in the world?

For the grandmother who loves to cook for all family, she needs all kitchen utensils, essentials for all cooks.
And even when she's in the kitchen, grandmother deserves to be elegant: Bark apron by Linum is the answer. More style for them all!

Nobody wants their grandparents sick, right? If you keep a chestnut in your pocket you will never get cold, says the popular belief.
And that's the inspiration for chestnut pill box by Alessi, to keep all the pills...with style!
Chestnut is the most original way for your grandparents to keep and carry all the little pills everywhere.



gifts for children

For the little ones who still don't like the dark...
Beba is a little angel who can not wait to fly around the children's dreams at night. The presence light that will be the perfect companion for a quiet night.
With its lovely design and vibrant and cheerful colors, it will be the best friend for the little ones.

For those who love enchanting stories; of dragons, castles, kings and princesses...
Flying Carpet by Magis offers the possibility to explore the world.
Adventurous girls, waiting for their princes. Boys, voracious and full of ambition, jump on the carpet and away they go, looking for challenges. And of course, for their princesses!

The sweet tooth, who can't resist at lunch time, will be delighted with their new lunch boxes.
MB Tresor becomes a precious chest with delicious treats inside. With four cards to identify the lunch box, it will stimulate creativity between children.
Choose the little one's favorite color!

For the bravest pirates!
Materia, the Portuguese brand of cork design, created Bote - the small boat that challenges the imagination of children.
This boat will prove to be the perfect companion to face the turbulent waters, the storms and the opponents pirates who cross the road!


♥ Which gifts will you want to put on your Christmas shoe?




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