Your first home, a dream come true.
A new cycle begins and, as in all beginnings, it is important a positive, happy and independent spirit. After all, it is your first house. Congratulations!
However, in this new stage, you will have daily concerns. To much empty space, to many areas to decorate, to much things to organize: where to start in the first place?! Kepp calm! Decorating your first home won't be an hard task, but a fun, dynamic and creative process - don't let the stress get on you; on the other hand, use imagination, look for objects that you love, transport inside the walls everything that you have always dreamed of.
Start with the right foot!


Do not panic!

Manage your budget and still decorate everything the way you like, revealing your style and personality, may not be an easy task; but certainly not impossible! Don't let the empty spaces and all the worries outweigh the happiness of having your first home and start the decorating process.
Start slowly by buying with moderation. You have to know that the decoration is an endless process and therefore, do it step by step. Do not rush!


Search a lot

With the amount of information we have access to, there is no way to fail.
When you have some free time, at work breaks, at night before bedtime, search. Get the most information possible will always be a good idea, so you won't make any bad decision. In magazines, books or online websites, look for your own style. The more you look, the more inspiration you get, more ideas will come up and the process will be easier.
Check out for decor stores, look for professional tips, find your style.


Dedicate one area at a time

It is very important that you stay focused on each space.
If you are thinking of the kitchen tiles, don't start decorating the room. You shouldn't want to do everything at once! Dedicate to one area at a time, simplify the process. Take notes is also a very important task. But never forget: with time, one division at a time: do not compromise all the others.


Let your ideas flow

Your home is the extension of your personality, of your tastes and your style. For each division you should have a little of yourself, it is extremely precious to let your ideas roll: search for furniture that is just like you want, for the irreverent wall color that matches with your personality, or for the striped pattern of the couch that mesmerizes your sense of humor. Give your own style to your home.
A minimalist decoration, vintage notes, lots of color, or countless props: the choice is yours. Inspiration, trends and style: it will always be a win win process if you make sure your ideas flow.


Have a good time

It is your first home, the reflection of yourself between four walls, the first time you can choose and decorate as you wish. So make this process fun by letting yourself get involved in a relaxed way...and be happy!


ideas and suggestions








Eva Solo


Suite combines a stylized, modern design with a deep understanding of the porcelain's potential

Leger, serve with style!
Simple pieces, that will make your table shine. Cutlery made of steel. 

Pots and pans of superior quality, with excellent design by WMF-. Cook with love .. Leave the work to Premium One!

Eva Solo garlic press has a set of teeth with easy cleaning. A useful, modern and practical accessory.








Home Concept

Home Concept


Now you can ask for the moon, without waiting for the impossible, or walk on the moon without necessarily being a fool. Luna rug by Nanimarquina.

Surpremax, from the Istyle collection, is a classic and functional sofa bed, with a sophisticated and modern design. For relaxing moments, by Innovation.

Welcoming, are the perfect companion! Blankets for cold days, to decorate and snuggle with the elegance of Home Concept.

Deep night, the decorative printed sham! Decorate your bed and your dreams. 
Elegant, soft and sophisticated.




▸  Living Room



Normann Copenhagen




An elegant and delicate piece by Pedrali, that will surprise everything and everyone! During the day, a night it turns into a dining table. Never worry again with the lack of space. A must-have!


The colour and shape variety is the perfect opportunity to match boxes, for a touch of personality in the decoration of your home. Pocket by Normann Copenhagen is the most fun storage box.


Moon: An amusing and elegant solution, to use according to our state of mind. From Lina, this is a sofa that can also be a chair or a side table. You can't belive? Click and find out more about Moon Large Sofa. 


The simplicity on a spot of light that fascinates, hold sand illuminates any room. The Carmina waves appeal to fantasy: let your imagination fly and let yourself be captivated by the sinuous forms of VITA lamp.




Your style

Bordallo Pinheiro

Black Blum




With a excellency design, it is perfect to embellish any place! Tóni Sardine, Eh Carapau! 


In spite its' simple lines, its' beauty is completely revealed when lightning all the candles.


This modern, minimalist clock works in a very peculiar, odd, amusing way. By Rosendahl, 80's funcky style!


In high quality porcelain, Sky Planter promises to delight everyone and to take good care of your plants!




When you turn the key at the front door, feel like you have just arrived at the house of your dreams: your first home!