Bird feeding cage - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Bird feeding cage

Eva Solo - Bird feeding cage



A charmed melody in your garden. ♥ The sound of little birds.
Nothing is more beautiful than a garden fileld with life, with sounds that fills your heart and with visitors who come flying. 

The ideal environment to welcome the birds in your garden.

The feeder for birds surprises and encourages these flying friends to remain near you, even during winter.
The cage, due to its robust materials, resists to any season and climate; and since it is opened it allows to receive all kinds of birds and also to become the support for any kind of food: bread or fruit pieces or small seeds.

Designed to stay outdoor, the bird feeding cage is a piece of design with an amazing simplicity. 
In stainless steel and black porcelain, it's not only a place to welcomr the birds that visit your garden, but also a beautiful piece to create environment.

This will be a winter filled with music, with the chirping of birds.

Eva Solo

Height: 31.1 cm
Diameter: 22.10 cm


Special guests in the garden: the birds

last update: 25 June 2018

Special guests in the garden: the birds
For those who love these little birds. They are a special guests in your garden. Here's how to make the bird space unique.