Now that spring is officially here, everything changes.

As this is the season of renovation, the metamorphosis is almost imperative: we exchange teas in hot mugs for colored juices, leave the plush blankets to use lighter and softer textiles, we quit the plans at home for walks outdoors.

And we want new environments at home.

We want new colors, more vibrant and cheerful; we want more softness when we talk about textiles;more delicacy. We want more clean and fresh decorations! We want flowers, lots of flowers! Put them around the house: it will, immediately, bring the essence of spring. We want outside parties, dinners in the garden and late afternoon on the balcony.
Basically, we want to pack the winter things to say hello to the products of the new season. It is necessary to renew the energies and make the perfect house for spring!

It's time for a spring cleanse. Discover some of our suggestions!


Inside your home: Colors and softness


FatboyUm verdadeiro ícone do estilo de vida moderno. 
Para sentar, deitar e relaxar.


Um alto nível de beleza e conforto! As costas são em vime entrelaçado traze a sensação de leveza. 



Linhos naturais e elegantes demarcam-se nas tendências de hoje. Uma proposta étnica e moderna!

Nanimarquina Atual, ritmado, simples e impressionante! 
A cor vermelho, com impacto visual, capta toda a atenção. 




Nothing is better for spring than flowers. Beautiful and with color, they are a highlight points in the decoration of your home. After all, we like to call spring the season of flowers: so let's enjoy the plants!



Being transparent, Cube reveals all plants' magic and beauty.
Floating geometrical transparency! 


Spread joy and colour to your plants and to your home. There is a new possibilty to blend in the plants in your home's decor.



Watch the plants grow in an appropriate environment, very close to your heart. A small piece of Nature!

Eva Solo Now you can have the orchids you love so much, at home, without spending much of your time. The ideal vase for everyone who loves this special flower.





To pack what was the winter decor: the plush cushions, the fur blankets and the heavy rugs. The high-necked jerseys and coats. It's time to get in the box what was for the last season and give space to spring trends.


Cane Line

In the garden to pack the outdoor accessories, in a reading corner to put the books, the choice is yours. For any purpose, versatile and beautiful.

House Doctor

From a unique material, Effect produces a unique result! When baskets become much more than just chests for storage. 


Normann Copenhagen

A versatile and decorative solution for your wall, suitable for any part of your home. Storage never felt so right!

LegoThe Lego boxes are designed to be stacked and attached to each other, like a real LEGO. So get to work: the fun has just begun!



Outdoors: cozy environments

It's time to enjoy your garden. Make it a great place to be with the perfect decor. Invite some friends, get the family together and enjoy the spring environments outside!




Cane Line

Multiple functions: bench, coffee table, or simple as a decorative piece: Divine! A new way of being.

Cane Line

Luxury, comfort and functionality make this footstool a must-have for your garden. A stool? A coffee table? You decide!


Cane Line

Light up! A garden full of sparkling spots. The softness and comfort of the light that fills the environment.

Eva Solo

Perfect for evenings and creastes a cozy atmosphere! Simple, on the table or simply hanging, this lamp is exquisite.





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