How can you think of summer and not think of grill season?
If you are looking for an upgrade in your grills and utensils, don't look any further. Get inspired by Eva Solo and choose the best grill for your summer barbecues. 

It's time to cook some delicious meals!



gas grill

Gas grill

And then, Eva Solo's gas grill came to life:beautiful, simple and elegant - and the bottle lays always hidden. Everything you dreamed of.
All of your cooking will taste great, thanks to three independent burners, and thermometre to control the temperature on the dome-shaped lid. This lid converts the grill in a conventional oven.




Grill Box
More modern, more compact - with the same quality.
Perfect for putting in your garden, without taking too much space and still ensures the elegance in the decoration. Due to its size, this grill is perfect to use on the balcony and/or the terrace.
The cooking surface is large enough so you can make your barbecues.




Fireglobe gas grill
A sculptural gas grill.
The stability comes from the three FireGlobe legs, which can be removed when the grill is not in use, so it takes up less space. Dinners on summer nights will have a very special taste.






Elegant tis apron is the perfect match between you and your kitchen. With a leather strap and pocket, positioned in the front, it is possible that you keep the kitchen utensils while preparing your meals: so you will always have all the accessories at hand!
Be the chef with more style!




Grill brush
Effectively removes food residues.
Ideal to always have near your Eva Solo's gas grill, this cleaning brush is made of stainless steel, nylon and silicone.




Grill side table
A side table that easily fits in the Eva Solo Gas grill.
In addition, it has the advantage of adding 4 useful hooks where you can hang tongs, gloves, towels - once installed, this table support is easily removed without the need to use any tools.