With the good weather we like to make some programs outdoors.
In the garden, in the terrance, near the pool: with good vibes and with the people we love the most.

This is the time to receive friends and family, invite them to a Barbecue and challenge the best cooks to go to the grill area. We love this time of the year!

So for you to enjoy grill season, for you prepare the best meals and organize the best meetings, discover our accessories for grills and BBQ. The essential utensils so you can make the delights of your guests. Get the look with Inexistência &Eva Solo and complete your grill zone!



grill time



❖ Plancha griddle
Two sides, endless delights!
Made from cast iron, the Plancha quickly reaches elevated temperatures ensuring at the same time, a uniform heat distribution.



Grill basting brush 
Complete your grills.
If you are an expert at these meals, you can not miss the Eva Solo's grill blasting brush.



❖ Grill skewers
Cooked with more flavour: the meat with the vegetables as a garnish. Where? In this delicious skewer. 
Easy to use, they prevent food from sliding around on the skewer when they are turned on the grill.



❖ Grill side table
The perfect place to put meat and vegetables, utensils, herbs, spices and other auxiliary materials!
All great chefs need an auxiliary bench. And the grill Chef is no exception! ;)




❖ Grill brush
Effectively removes food residues!
Ideal to always have near your Eva Solo's gas grill, this cleaning brush is made of stainless steel, nylon and silicone.



Are you inspired? 

Find out more about our category of outdoor Grill and BBQ, the inovative designs and the unique features of Eva Solo.



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