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Get the look #3 grill season

At Inexistencia we have everything prepared and we send you the invitation: the experience of grill season.


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Grill Season 


Cooking with friends and family will be much funnier!
Eva Solo stands out for the modern and elegant alternatives, simple and aesthetically pleasing lines, regarding the collection of grills and accessories. As an alternative to the traditional grills, the Nordic brand offers delicious proposals, which, in addition of being very functional and practical, are also pieces of design that don't compromise the outdoor decoration. It is for this symmetry, between elegant designs and functional, that we fall in love by Eva Solo products. Get inspired and get the look with our suggestions.

It's officially open our Grill Season!


Eva SoloGrelhador
To think that something so simple, can be so functional and delicious!  you can transform this practical and modern grill into an elegant table garnishing your terrace.




Eva SoloFireGlobe gas grill 
The return of FireGlobe, on a sculptural gas grill.. Gathering all around FireGlobe will not be difficult; on the other hand, everyone will want to try cooking on this gas grill.  




Eva SoloGas Grill
And then Eva Solo's gas grill came to life: handsome, simple and elegant...and the bottle lays always hidden! Everything you dreamed of! All of your cooking will taste great. 




Eva SoloGrill skewers 
Cooked with more flavour: the meat with the vegetables as a garnish. Where? In this delicious skewer. The ideal accessory to integrate into your collection of Eva Solo's grilled .




Eva SoloGrill brush
After your delicious grills, cleaning will be easy and super fast. Ideal to always have near your Eva Solo's gas grill, this cleaning brush is made of stainless steel, nylon and silicone.




Eva SoloGrill basting brush 
To marinade in style, to add more flavour to your food. In silicone, the brush supports temperatures up to 220ºC, making it perfect for grills.




Eva SoloBasting brush and beaker
A very practical tool for your outdoor barbecues. Thanks to a smart little fitting on the side of the handle, can easily rest on the rim of the 




Eva SoloBarbecue Fork
Thanks to the fork's prongs, it is easy to spear and move the food around. A simple yet modern design makes this fork is an excellent choice for your grilled food.




Eva SoloBarbecue Spatula 
With Eva Solo's new grill spatula, you will easily be able to manage all the food on the grill. With extra flat end is easy to slide under the meat or vegetables when they need turning.




Eva SoloPlancha griddle
Two sides, endless delights! Ideal for use in combination with your Eva Solo's  grill, this versatile "Plancha" has two different sides to perform different and cooked perfect:


Suggested Products

  • Fireglobe gas grill
  • earn $ 43.58RRP $ 917.51 $ 871.64

+5 %
Fireglobe gas grill - Eva Solo

Eva Solo - Fireglobe gas grill

  • Set of 4 grill skewers
  • earn $ 1.38RRP $ 28.93 $ 27.48

+5 %
Set of 4 grill skewers - Eva Solo

Eva Solo - Grill skewers

  • Cooking lid
  • earn $ 5.73RRP $ 120.68 $ 114.64

  • Charcoal grill
  • earn $ 27.30RRP $ 574.68 $ 545.95

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